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Tokyo,a breezy night in autumn, two good friends were chatting about the things fordream in a small bar. That night in 2007, eXPONENTwas born by the conversationbetween a designer and an engineer. Deliveringthe self wearing concept is the mutual ideal owned by them expecting to makemore people know about this through a brand.


eXPONENTin engineeringliteral meaning isindex; the brand naming from theengineer wants to express an wearingindextopresent a kind of life style. It means that the self will continuously makeprogress by the continuously-accumulated experiences. ExploreColorful Lifeis the slogan that the designerdefines for the brand spirit, an attitude to face the life. The designdirection of brand is todiscover a variety of life. Thebrand spirit of eXPONENT is made by the combination with the sense and thesensibility. Showing the tone of life taste in sensibility; mixing thecomfortable fabric with the precise cutting in sense.


Taiwan, the engineer moved fromJapan by bringing into the stylish cutting. By seeing that the technique andquality of Taiwan textile industry is with the certain standard with Japan, thesophisticated production was started; instead of the mass production for theready-to-wear, to ensure the ingenuity ofproduct design. 2008 winter, eXPONENT launched in Taiwan, publishing the sportystyle underwear, perfectly annotating the CUP cutting for men’s underwear andthe sewing skill: cozy wear, air-permeablefabric, and sporty design. The underwear band appeals to good elasticity,difficult to deform, fit, no binding. All the design and produce detail is forpresenting that men’s underwear can be with the specialty to become an elementby making the life various.


About the designer, sojourning inJapan, keeps the original intention chatted by that night, obtaining from allthe saw and heard in life by specifically developing into the design concept,making the conversations with the consumers through the products. Because ofloving to travel, the designer seeks the unique source and cutting-edgematerial to let eXPONENT be in line with the international tracks.


eXPONENT, making the spirit ofsharing all the types in life be the spindle, carries the various products tothe consumers. In the product classification, there are four categories:underwear, casual, sport and swimwear. Japan cultural spirit has the profoundaffections to these two brand founders, pursuing the perfection of product andinsisting in bringing the wearing index to the world by the delicate andcolorful design to explore colorful life.